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Two response options - Family Response and Emergency Response

Caretrak uniquely offers two medical alert response options. Family Response connects families looking out for loved ones and can be used for more than emergencies and less urgent concerns. Emergency Response provides 24/7 monitoring services by a certified emergency response centre. In the event of an emergency, responders will be contacted.

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Emergency Response
Emergency responders are contacted in the event of an emergency
  • The two-way call and GPS location information is sent to the certified 24/7 response centre

  • In an emergency, ambulance and responders will be contacted

  • An emergency response profile is setup with the response centre. Contacts on this profile will be notified by phone in an emergency

  • Optional - Care contacts can receive text/email alerts and view real-time location anytime using the Caregiver mobile app (downloaded by each care contact)


Family Response
Family Response
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Caretrak Family Response is a tool that can be used for less urgent concerns
  • The two-way call is made to the user's chosen primary care contact such as a family member. The phone number is programmed to the unit at the time of order and can be changed upon request to Caretrak

  • The location is automatically tracked when the HELP button is pushed

  • Your primary care contact and other contacts are sent text/email alerts and can view real-time location using the Caregiver mobile app (downloaded by each care contact)

  • With inbound check-in calling, the primary care contact can call the unit anytime. The device is assigned a unique phone number

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