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Important Notes & References

1.  It is important to use both two-way voice communication and GPS location service to assess the situation and confirm location.  Always verify location during the call 


As with all GPS location services, it may not always be possible to determine and provide your current location.  Multi-level buildings, parking garages, obstructions and dense urban areas can make it difficult for satellites to determine your exact location 


2.  Estimated battery life: Up to 48-72 hours of continuous use.  Regular daily charging of 2 hours is recommended.  Battery life varies based on conditions of use 


3.  Family Response service includes 40 voice calling minutes per month for outbound HELP calls to user's care contact and inbound check-in calls to the unit.  Cost for overage will be billed at $0.40/minute. 


4.  One-time activation fee of $30 applies 


5.  Low risk 15-day trial return period.  Upon receipt of the device to our facilities, you will receive a refund for 100% of your purchase price of the device and service. To be eligible for a refund, you must call Customer Service to obtain an authorization number and the return must be post-marked by the 15th day after the date of your receipt of the device. You are responsible for shipping costs to the return facilities.  


Other charges paid at the time of purchase are not eligible for refund including the activation fee.


6.  Functioning of device and service is subject to wireless coverage and proper charging of the device at any given time.


The device is for use with services offered by Caretrak only.  The device is not compatible and will not operate with any other service.  


7.  The Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), the nation’s leading professional organization for the Central Station security industry, issues the Five Diamond Central Station Certification. This certifies that systems are continually monitored by operators who have received rigorous training and have achieved the proficiency necessary to pass the CSAA Central Station Operator Training Course.


The alarm monitoring centre is certified by Underwriters Laboratory and is the industry standard for credibility and excellence. The certification acknowledges the central station's ability to meet UL standards in offering monitoring services. UL requirements for listed central stations include standards for operator competence, receiving and monitoring equipment, and physical building structure and safety. All UL listed central stations must undergo thorough and continuing testing and evaluation of buildings and equipment in order to maintain the UL seal of approval. 

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