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emergency response device canada

Medical Alert System Works Canada-wide
Anywhere, Anytime

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A wearable medical alert pendant with a one click connection to care when it's needed, both inside and outside of the home Canada-wide
New! USA Travel Services included with no additional cost

Caretrak   enables independence with a direct connection to your family care contact or the 24/7 emergency response centre where and when it's needed.  With one push of the SOS button, you speak directly to your care contact or an emergency response operator, your real-time location is automatically reported via GPS and text/email alerts are sent to all of your contacts (optional). Automatic fall detection is also available


See How it Works - Play Video
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Low risk 15-day trial period
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Speak directly to your care contact through the medical alert pendant
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Less than 3" 
HELP Button
Early Cancellation Feature
to avoid false alarms
  • Sleek, lightweight design

  • Easily worn around the neck or in a waist carrying pouch

  • Enhanced two-way speaker phone

  • Wireless / GPS enabled

  • Water resistant (shower and rain proof)

  • Easy-to-use charging cradle

  • Fall detection option

Certified by Industry Canada and meets applicable technical specifications
Service Options - How it Works
Select Family Response or Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Emergency responders are contacted in the event of an emergency.

The two-way call and GPS location information is sent to the certified 24/7 response centre. In an emergency, ambulance and responders will be contacted and your care contacts notified. You can also choose to send automatic text/email alerts to your contacts

Family Response


Connect to your care contact for more than emergencies.

It is a tool that can be used for less urgent concerns. The two-way call is connected to your chosen primary care contact such as a family member. Your primary contact plus other care contacts are sent text/email alerts and can view the real-time location. Inbound  check-in calls can be made by your primary contact

Family and Caregiver Support
Text/email alerts are sent to care contacts
Lookup the real-time location anytime
  • Simple download of the Caregiver app by care contacts

  • Get alerts for HELP calls and low battery

  • Complete real-time location updates anytime

  • Unlimited contacts and text/email alerts included

No cost and optional use based on your situation

Pricing - Choose your Canada-wide response option
Low-risk 15-day trial and free shipping anywhere in Canada

Lifetime Price Guarantee 


All plans include Canada-wide wireless, location services and text/email alerts

New! USA Travel Services included

(no cost)


No installation or landline required. Shipped to your door ready-to-use.

     No long term contract       (minimum 6 months)

Upgrade from Family to Emergency Response anytime

April 2022 Pricing Chart - Family Response.jpg
April 2022 Pricing Chart - Emergency Response.jpg

Save $50 plus
10% Lifetime Discount
USA Travel Services
now included

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